Adorable bags let you “enjoy cat balls wherever you are and whenever you like.”

Felissimo Nekobu is Japan’s premier provider of cat-themed lifestyle merchandise. With feline-inspired hoodies, gloves, and socks, Felissimo is always ready to show us that kitties are cute from any angle…but there’s one that they haven’t focused on until now.

At first glance, Felissimo’s new Nyantama Pouch line might look like just another hybrid stuffed animal/zippered pouch.

But that’s only if you’re looking at them from the front. Swing your gaze around to the back, and you’ll see that these cats are all males, as evidenced by their round, furry testicles!

And no, that’s not just my immature sense of humor looking for the crudest possible interpretation of some functional necessity related to how the pouches are sewn. The name Nyantama is a combination of nyan (“meow”) and tama (“balls”), so the testicular overtone is completely intentional. Felissimo even goes so far as to say that they created the pouches so that “the many hidden fans of male cats’ cute cat balls can enjoy them wherever they are and whenever they like.”

However, Felissimo is aware that the appeal of cat balls isn’t universal, and so it proudly reminds potential buyers that from the front, there’s no sign of the fuzzy orbs, so as long as you keep that side of the pouch facing outward, you can keep your fondness for those particular body parts on the downlow.

▼ The cropping on the promotional model photo means we can’t confirm, but we assume that you’re supposed to wink when you hold the pouch like this.

The specific set of testicles you receive, as with many of Felissimo Nekobu’s products, is a surprise, as the 1,974-yen (US$18.80) Nyantama Pouch is offered as a monthly subscription service (i.e. you get a different pouch each month you remain signed up).

But really, it’s not the cats’ colors or facial expressions that are the key design element here, and if this looks like it’ll fill the spherical holes in your heart, the pouches can be ordered online here.

Source, images: Felissimo
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