Two different adorable kitty designs are here to convince you that you don’t really need to go anywhere this winter.

If you’re a person who loves costuming, odds are you’re feeling a little bummed out right now. With both the excitement and candy-induced stomach aches of Halloween fading away, you’ve got a long wait for your next opportunity to dress up as a human boba or Alice in Terrifying-Way-Too-Many-Teethland, and so “dressing up” is largely back to just referring to wearing formal, uncomfortable clothes.

But the designers at Felissimo, Japan’s leading cat-themed lifestyle brand, are a constant source of fun and cozy fashion, and they’ve just released their new High-Class Siamese Cat Room One-Piece.

Featuring the gentle, milk tea-like color of an elegant Siamese cat’s coat and the breed’s attentively pointed ears, Felissimo promises that wearing the garment will be as warm and comforting as curing up under a blanket for a cat nap.

Naturally, there’s a tail in the back, and you also get two side pockets you can stuff you hand into for extra warmth. However, even if you’ve got your hand outside the pockets, you can still keep your palms toasty thanks to the paw pad-decorated flaps to hook your thumbs through.

Should you prefer a darker shade to your cats and clothes, there’s also a black cat version, though at 4,500 yen (US$42) it’s 200 yen more expensive than the Siamese version, since it comes down to the middle of the calves instead of just the knees.

Either length, as you might have noticed, doesn’t do much for your feet, but that’s also a problem easily solved since Felissimo can supply you with fuzzy cat paw socks for 880 yen a pair, with a new design shipping randomly every month.

All three items can be ordered directly through Felissimo’s online store (Siamese cat parka here, black cat parka here, and socks here), meaning you won’t even have to venture out into the cold outside world to pick up all the kitty roomwear fashion you need to stay warm.

Source, images: PR Times
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