New set is part of toy craft system with over one millions of ways to make a completely unique watch!

There have been lots of nice Pokémon watches that have come out recently from big brands like Casio Baby G and Seiko, but while they have been very stylish, they don’t quite allow you to really customize the watch to your tastes. That’s why fans of Pokémon, colorful watches, and DIY projects with a creative mind will probably love the new Pokémon MixWatch set from model and toy maker Mega House.

Mega House’s MixWatch brand allows you to choose every part of your watch, from the band and the face to the frame, case, and the decorations. The pieces link together easily without the use of tools, which makes them great for kids, who can use the many different parts to change their watch to match their outfit or their mood whenever they want. The parts come in five different themed sets, so there’s plenty of room for customization.

In fact, across the sets there are enough options to create over one million original watches, and soon they’ll have even more options, thanks to the new Pokémon MixWatch set they’ll be releasing soon! MixWatch Pokémon comes with 28 pieces, including three kinds of frames, four faces, two colors for the strap, and six decorations to add on to your watch.

The decorations and watch faces feature some of the most popular Pokémon, like Eevee, Mimikyu, Gengar, and Galarian Ponyta. Pikachu, of course, is represented in one of the frames and two of the faces, as well as one of the decorations. Mix and match colors, create themes, and design your own style of watch in whatever way you like!

The Pokémon MixWatch set will sell for 5,280 yen (US$49) starting at the end of April, so why not pick it up as an accessory for your Pokémon-themed family photoshoot?

Source, images: PR Times
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