Ensure your baby grows up with the same cute, colorful creatures you did!

We all live in a Pokémon world, as they say. The franchise has created enough merchandise at this point to ostensibly furnish your entire living area, clothe you from head to toe and even fill up your tummy with catchable critter cuteness.

There are plenty of fans from the original ’90s boom who have since grown up and now have children of their own, and the Pokémon Company is eager to ensure those babies are welcomed into the Pocket Monster fold as soon as possible. One of their lines, Monpoké, is a clothing and accessory line founded in 2019 that is aimed at new parents and especially young children.

▼ Two kids suited up in Monpoké apparel

The latest round of clothes is set to launch on March 15 and will encompass the spring and summer seasons for 2021. Fittingly, there’s plenty of rainwear and comfy caps for your kids to dress up in. The designs are primarily genderless and are intended for children between the ages of one to three years old, with plenty of accessories and tools like umbrellas sold to ensure your baby looks stylish from toe to tip.

▼ Set out on a rainy day adventure with Pikachu!

The full product spread boasts more adorable babywear than you can shake a Meowstic at. Dress your tiny tot in petite Pokémon Crocs-style sandals or equip them with a soft Pikachu backpack to tote around. You’ll be the cutest family on the block!

Some products won’t hit shelves until April or May of this year but rest assured that there’re plenty of pretty products to satisfy your family needs in the meantime. And with the cooperation of apparel companies like Takihyo, there’s no doubt your precious little one will dress in quality until they hit their level cap and evolve into a bigger size!

Source: Monpoké via Netlab
Top image: Monpoké Lookbook
Insert images: Monpoké

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