Okayama? More like Pokéyama!

Pokéfuta, or Pokélids in English, are Pokémon-themed manhole covers which have so far made an appearance in every single region of Japan. While a few prefectures are still waiting for their Pokélids, Okayama has just received its first set with fan-favorite Lucario taking the spotlight.

▼ The Fighting and Steel type Pokémon has even made a special appearance to welcome Okayama’s inaugural Pokélids.

▼ Aura Sphere!

In total, Okayama will have four new Pokélids to debut, and these unique manhole covers will be installed in Kurashiki, which is the prefecture’s second-most populated city and famous for its scenic, well-preserved historical districts. Kurashiki’s Pokélids will also highlight its sightseeing spots and specialties.

For example, this Pokélid on the left with Lucario in the center has the Seto Ohashi Bridge as its background coupled with twin peaches, which are grown locally. The one on the right, with a frolicking Poochyena, and Beautifly features a gorgeous wisteria tree, perhaps referencing the wisteria housed at Kurashiki’s Achi Shrine.

The other two Pokélids focus on Kurashiki’s historical district. On the Pokélid on the left below, an Eldegloss and a Grookey enjoy a ride down one of the city’s traditional canals. The Pokélid on the right, with a male and female Unfezant, emphasize the city’s unique architecture while the blue markings infer to the city’s traditional textile industry.

Similar to previous Pokélids, the new Pokélids will be converted into PokéStops on Pokémon Go, so be sure to bring your smartphone with you when you visit. Adding these four Pokélids to the official nationwide count, 193 Pokélids are now dotted across Japan.

▼ All 193 of Japan’s installed Pokélids.

Given that there’re over 890 different Pokémon across the franchise’s eight generations, there’s no doubt there will be many more Pokélids to come in the future, and hopefully prefectures which haven’t received one yet will soon be graced with Pokémon in town, or at the very least a parade of dancing Pikachus.

Source, images: PR Times
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