Japanese fashion brand teams up with Nintendo for Colorful Yoshi Collection roomwear line.

Back in January, Japanese fashion brand Gelato Pique teamed up with Nintendo for the Animal Crossing meets Gelato Pique project. Now it’s time for another collaboration between the two companies, but this time it’s not an entire franchise but one much-loved character who’s coming to the meetup with the Colorful Yoshi Collection roomwear line.

Starting off at the peak of Yoshi fashion, the Yoshi Parka and Shorts Set features a snuggly zip-up hoodie that transforms the wearer into Mario’s trusty friend/disposable steed.

In addition to Yoshi’s standard green, pink and blue variants are also available, with men’s, women’s, and kids’ sizes on offer.

In addition to the tail in back, there’s also an egg-shaped zipper pull and the Super Mario logo near the left pocket.

If you’re looking for Yoshi attire that doesn’t straddle the roomwear/cosplay line quite so much, Gelato Pique also has Yoshi Pullover and Short Sets for women and men, again in your choice of green, pink, or blue.

Those wanting less color but more Yoshis, on the other hand, can opt for the Yoshi-pattern T-shirt and Short Sets.

▼ Yes, they come with an egg-motif carrying pouch.

The Colorful Yoshi Collection also includes some non-clothing items, such as hand towels which also have their own color-matching egg cases.

And last, if you’ve got a baby who needs an outfit whose cuteness will have both grandparents and Nintendo fans squealing with delight, there’s the Yoshi Romper, which comes in green or pink.

Gelato Pique is a high-end brand, and the parka sets are priced at 12,320 yen (US$99) for women and 15,620 yen for men, with the pullover sets at 10,890/13,640 yen and the T-shirt sets at 9,900/11,880 yen. Still, considering how Yoshi placed above even Mario himself in the Super Mario character popularity poll, there’re sure to be fans finding space in their budget when the Colorful Yoshi Collection goes on sale April 25 through the Gelato Pique online store here, as well as the My Nintendo Store.

Source: Gelato Pique, PR Times via IT Media
Top image: Gelato Pique
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