Tokyo woman in trouble with the law after selling high-priced Evangelion bootleg posters

Fans of the anime baffled by backgrounds for Rei Ayanami posters.

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Man arrested in Japan for selling overseas bootleg anime DVDs

Publisher alerted police, seller claims he didn’t know he was doing anything wrong.

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Bootleg Chinese Pikachu plushie gets full makeover from loving fan who won’t give up on it

Suspect Detective Pikachu gets transformed into something as cute as the real thing.

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Five Chinese nationals arrested in Japan for translating manga, games for distribution

Allegedly translated Kimi ni Todoke & Maid Sama! crossover manga, Yu-Gi-Oh! game, more.

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Chinese bootleg invites us to learn about the wonderful world of anime legend…Guzuo Miyazaki?!?

That’s the familiar Studio Ghibli anime legend on the cover, but with a very unfamiliar name.

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Harry Potter and the F****ing Pigeons – Chinese bootleg’s subtitles are full of melons 【Pics】

I have to admit, I’ve always been a little confused about what’s going on in the Harry Potter movies series. Does Hogwarts exist in another dimension, or is it just located in a part of the English countryside so isolated that no one notices the packs of monsters roaming the forest and flying through the skies? Why does the debate about whether or not “Voldemort is back” continue for years after he’s first seen? And why are all these super-powered wizards too lily-livered to say the dude’s name?

But perhaps my biggest question is this: What’s the deal with all the melons?

Wait, you don’t know about the melons? Or about Harry’s middle management struggles as he climbs the corporate ladder? Then read on for all of these plot elements added to the beloved franchise by Chinese bootleg subtitles.

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