How to convert the Western calendar to Japanese Reiwa years

With this easy hack you’ll never be confused by the Japanese calendar ever again!

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“Genius” child seat at food court in Japanese shopping mall goes viral

Another example of amazing customer service in Japan.

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Our reporter devises the best way to beat the summer heat: by eating somen in an outdoor shower

Go devises his own, completely unique way to enjoy a classic summer meal, and named it: Jibun wo Nagashi Somen.

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Genius mother comes up with clever solution to stop teenage son from untucking his school shirt

Clever trick ensures students will never want to untuck their school shirts for that “cool look” ever again.

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Japanese high school student prodigy ends up becoming a truck driver to make ends meet

No matter how accomplished students are in science, it seems Japan doesn’t have the resources to tap into their full potential.

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Amazing Japanese grade-schooler enters fast track to playing soccer for Real Madrid 【Videos】

These days, it’s not uncommon for Japanese soccer players to be placed on foreign teams. Shinji Kagawa with Manchester United and Yuto Nagatomo with Inter Milan are just two examples of Japanese athletes who play for teams abroad.

Now, the island country can lay claim to a new rising star, a nine-year-old soccer player who recently signed a contract with the world-famous Spanish soccer club, Real Madrid. Read on for a full introduction to this talented young player, as well as some videos of his amazing play style!

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