Mini Stop

Got a sweet tooth? Here are our reporters’ favorite new-release convenience store desserts

Try one of these seven tasty treats the next time you have a sweets craving!

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Convenience store Mini Stop’s new Gyoza Dog is must-try for all Gyoza fans! 【Taste test】

With all the flavors of a pot sticker in the perfect portion size, you can’t go wrong with the Gyoza Dog!

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It’s a Japanese boxed lunch in the palm of your hand with the new bento rice ball

Convenience store’s deluxe onigiri is a bento boxed lunch you can eat with one hand.

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No more porn–Japanese convenience store chain to phase out adult magazine sales by end of year

New policy follows increased complaints from female shoppers.

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Transform your bottle of tea into Sailor Senshi with these cool Sailor Moon covers from Mini Stop

Heat and humidity are as much a part of a Japanese summer as festivals and fireworks. With the threat of dehydration always looming, it’s a smart idea to always carry a cool, rehydrating beverage with you, but if you’re sweating profusely, you can bet the plastic bottle your drink is in is doing likewise.

To keep the rest of the contents of your bag from getting damp, you could wrap the bottle in a hand towel. A more effective alternative, though, is to slip a specially designed cover over it, and if you’re going that route, why not use one of these cool Sailor Moon costume covers that you can get for free with a bottle of Japanese tea at Mini Stop convenience stores?

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Get Your Dragon Ball Hair Fries at a Mini Stop Store Near You!

In perhaps the most genius use of french fries we’ve seen in years, Japanese convenience store chain Mini Stop has begun selling a number of Dragon Ball-themed sweets and fried foods as part of a promotion for upcoming movie Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods.

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