Kanye West receives flack for too-small Yeezy slides, calls it “The Japanese Way”

West tries to reinvent the world of footwear with a trick the Japanese have been using for centuries, but his comments aren’t entirely accurate.

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Hanao Shoes: Dress like a modern-day geisha with new line of geta sneakers from Kyoto

A more comfortable way to enjoy the festival season while out and about in your yukata summer kimono.

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Cute cats come out to play as traditional Japanese geta sandals

Three gorgeous kittens are waiting to dress up your summer outfits.

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Traditional Japanese wooden footwear redesigned as indoor slippers to keep feet comfy and cool

A modern, stylish twist on a Japanese classic.

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How to wear Japanese geta the correct way and avoid blisters at the summer festival

Do you know the real Japanese technique to wearing traditional footwear?

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Gorgeous acrylic men’s geta are more artwork than they are footwear

Geta are traditional Japanese wooden sandals, often still worn by men and women today along with yukata or kimono. They match perfectly with the classic look of traditional Japanese wear, and make a satisfying clip-clop sound on the ground as you walk.

But if you’ve spent any time at all wearing geta, you’ve probably wondered why anyone would want to put something that painful on their feet. Even so, there’s still something visually appealing about them, but we’ve just found some that really take the cake, and these works of art may just be more suited for a display case than they are for walking.

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