rice paddy art

Japanese town’s beautiful rice paddy art salutes Osamu Tezuka anime characters, Audrey Hepburn

Photos show rural Aomori town’s continuing tradition of artistic agriculture with convenient access for travelers.

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Dragon Quest celebrates anniversary with enormous rice paddy art in Gyoda, Japan【Video】

The Guinness World record-holding game joins up with the Guinness World record-holding rice paddy to create a Dragon Quest artwork on a massive scale.

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Hidden world discovered under Japanese rice paddy!

Every year, farmers in the village of Inakadate, Aomori Prefecture, plant beautiful natural murals in the fields using different varieties of rice. The practice began in 1994, and now hundreds of thousands of people visit the tiny village each summer to see their rice paddy art.

But it’s not just planted rice they’ve been drawing pictures with. Underneath one of those rice fields, another hidden gem has been lurking – a world map! And it’s there for all to see…on Google Maps.

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