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With all it does for us, it’s hard to find fault with beer. If you wanted to be nitpicky, though, you could point to the opinion held by many that its flavor rapidly worsens as the beverage gets warmer.

At the same time, most beer drinkers are averse to dilute their beer by tossing ice cubes into it. So what do you do when you’ve got a rogue can of beer you forgot to stick in the fridge or cooler? Simple, you pour it into this new cup that instantly chills any liquid inside of it.

You can thank Osaka-based manufacturer Doshisha, and its Do-cooking sub-brand specifically, from rescuing us all from having to make the difficult choice between knocking back a lukewarm one or going thirsty. That’s because the Nomigoro Gekihie Tumbler (“Shockingly Chilled Tumbler”) will have the contents of the can at a crisp, enjoyably low temperature far faster than if you stuck the can in the fridge.

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The 420-milliliter (14.2-ounce) tumbler, which went on sale earlier this month at major retailers across Japan, is actually composed of three parts: the stainless steel cup itself, a stainless steel sheath (which is actually what your hand is touching as you drink from the tumbler), and a connector that keeps them from becoming separated.

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In order to take advantage of the tumbler’s chilling capabilities, you’ll first need to add about 80 milliliters (2.7 ounces) of water to the sheath. After this, properly attaching the cup with the connector will create a vacuum seal. Next, place the cup in your freezer.

▼ Doshisha cautions that the cup should be left upside-down in the freezer, as failing to do so can cause warping.

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Once the water between the two layers of the tumbler has turned to ice, pull it out of the freezer and pour in your favorite drink.

▼ If you’re unable to figure out the logistics of this last step without referring to Doshisha’s schematic, you’re probably already drunk enough that you should just call it a night instead of worrying about the fastest method to chill and drink even more beer.

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Essentially, the process turns the tumbler into an insulated cup of ice, which is why it’s so effective in lowering the liquid’s temperature and keeping it that way. Doshisha claims that for a beer served at roughly four degrees Celsius (39 degrees Fahrenheit) in a moderate 25-degree room, the Nomigoro Gekihie Tumbler will have the liquid down to 1.4 degrees in just one minute, en route to one degree flat after five.

In other words, the tumbler actually makes your beer colder as time goes on, unlike ordinary stainless steel cups or even less insulating glasses.

▼ Therein solving the problem of having half a glass of warm beer left over, which is almost as troubling a problem as having no beer at all.

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There is one drawback to the otherwise clever tumbler, and that’s the amount of time it needs for its icy core to form. Doshisha estimates the process’ time at 12 hours, so your best bet is to keep a prepped Nomigoro Gekihie Tumbler on standby in the freezer in case you find an Asahi, Ebisu, or cherry blossom beer that needs a quick chill.

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