Feel like Vulcan in his forge and work metal with your bare hands with just a roll of cheap foil.

Before now, we’ve found new ways to use coffee filters, plastic bottles, paper bags, and all other sorts of stuff you’d find around the house. Hopefully we’ve made your lives ever-so-slightly more convenient, or maybe just equalled out some of the time we’ve taken from you with countless cat pictures. This time, we bring you household goods arts and crafts, with a side of stress-relief.

It may look like a shiny orb of precious metal, an oversized ball bearing, or an accident that has left the Silver Surfer talking in a rather higher voice, but it is in fact the creation of Twitter user @puchuco709, made from a whole roll of silver foil (or tin foil, or aluminium foil, if you prefer), and too much time on their hands. According to their tweet, take a whole 16-metre (52-feet) long roll of the alien/federal government brainwashing-blocking material and scrunch it up as small as you can, then hit it. Then, hit it again. Repeat, possibly a kazillion times or so (the one above allegedly took around an hour). You’ll be left with a near-perfectly spherical silver orb that weighs in at 110 grammes (3.9 ounces) and is much cheaper than buying jewellery for people you love enough to give shiny things but not enough to spend more than can be found down of the back of the sofa.

Being seasoned and cynical Internet voyagers, we raised an eyebrow at the tweet’s claims. The silver globe looks a little too good to be true, even coming as it does from a professional jewellery maker. The little finger in the image also drew our, and other Twitter users’ attention. Is it a strange half-ring, a pretty full-on piercing, or evidence of photo-editing wizardry?

But, looking at other people’s attempts that actually do come close to the beauty of the original, we think it might actually be doable.

▼ Although not everyone managed such an aesthetically pleasing result.

If only Kit Kats here in Japan came wrapped in silver foil like they do back home (or at least did many moons ago when I used to take a packed lunch to school), I’d be able to present everyone I know and love with earrings, Christmas baubles and other argent goodness. Then again, an hour is a long time, and you can get so many other cool things from the wonderland that is the hundred yen shop.

Source: Twitter/@puchuco709 via Hachimakiko
Featured image: Twitter/@puchuco709