Feline fashion accessories fool the eyes, charm the heart.

When we heard that Felissimo, Japan’s premier provider of cat-themed lifestyle products, had a new line of kitty bags coming out, we figured they’d be pretty cute. Maybe they’d have some nice illustrations on the side, or a pair of playful cat ears peeking out of the top of the bag.

But what we didn’t expect was for them to look exactly like actual cats!

Yep, believe it or not these are actually functional bags. Specifically, they’re kinchaku, the traditional drawstring pouches carried by women wearing kimono. Felissimo’s feline focus, however, means they’ll pair just as well with modern, Western-style clothing.

The interior dimensions are pretty compact, with the company saying you’ll be able to stuff a couple of hand towels or pairs of socks inside. While the bags can be pressed flat when empty, giving the cord a tug while there’s something inside produces a cuddly physique for the kitty.

Four designs are available: Calico/tortoiseshell, orange and silver tabby, and hachiware, with a peaked marking on its forehead.

▼ They’re actually cute enough that they can easily double as stuffed animals.

And don’t worry – of course Felissimo remembered to give them all adorable tails too.

The Nekomanmaru Kinchaku, as they’re officially called, are priced at 2,478 yen (US$23) each, and can be ordered here through Felissimo’s online store. As with many of the company’s products, the cat kinchaku are being offered in a subscription-like format, with customers receiving a different, non-specified design each month, but you can rest easy knowing that any of them will pair well with Japan’s enticing cat sandals this summer.

Source: Felissimo via PR Times
Images: PR Times
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