And yes, you get to take them home with you.

On any given night, the vast majority of people staying at one of the Tokyo Disney Resort hotels are fans of Disney animation. Game fans might want to look into booking a night at the Disney Ambassador Hotel, though, since it’s going to be offering special Kingdom Hearts rooms.

The nods to the Square Enix-developed games start even before you step into the room. Instead of a boring old plastic keycard, you open the door to your room with an awesomely detailed replica of the Keyblade called Oblivion, or “Passing Memories” (Sugisarashi Omoide), depending on whether you’re going by the name used in the games’ English or Japanese versions.

Obviously, an item of such power isn’t something you’re going to want to relinquish, so the Keyblade is yours to take home with you. The hotel has also wisely foreseen that such an awesome piece of memorabilia has the potential to destroy friendships if there’s a feud over who its rightful owner should be, and thankfully the accommodation package includes two copies of the Keyblade, so that you and your travelling companion can each have one.

Once inside the room (which has a maximum occupancy of three guests), you’ll see that it’s decorated with artwork from Melody of Memory, the most recent release in the Kingdom Hearts franchise.

To further cater to the compulsive collection tendencies of action RPG players, guests staying in the Kingdom Hearts room get a set of beautifully illustrated stained glass-motif postcards (two of each design, for a total of four cards)…

…and there’s also a mysterious chest in the room, which contains yet another as-yet-unknown treasure for you to claim.

There’s more Kingdom Hearts theming going in the hotel lobby’s Hyperion Lounge, which will be offering a Kingdom Hearts Special Cake Set with tarts, sea salt gelatin, and artwork of Sora and Roxas.

▼ In keeping with otaku dining customs, the cake set includes an artwork coaster, while supplies last.

And finally, if you want to go especially deep into the games’ lore, the cafe will also be offering a “paopu fruit” drink, referencing the tropical fruits of Sora’s Destiny Islands homeland.

▼ The chocolate drink is enhanced with apple and caramel sauces.

The Kingdom Hearts special room will be available between January 6 and April 27, to coincide with the series’ 20th anniversary. Reservations will open on a staggered schedule, with the first block (January 6 -29) opening on November 29 at 1 p.m., the second (January 30-Februay 21) on December 21, the third (February 22-March 27) on January 27, and the final block (March 28-April 27) on March 3.

Source: Tokyo Disney Resort
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