Chicken Tatsuta

Trying out First Kitchen’s tsukimi mochi burgers for a taste of Japanese autumn

Unique burger is in the running for SoraNews24’s Best Tsukimi Burger.

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One Piece x McDonald’s Japan collaboration burgers: Does the treasure taste as good as it looks?

Join us as we take our taste buds on an adventure with Luffy and the gang.

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Ultraman title logo generator set up online by McDonald’s Japan

What’s old is Shin again!

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New McDonald’s burgers pay homage to an icon of the kaiju genre

A favourite returns…with some surprising new ingredients.

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McDonald’s Japan’s new Touch manga collab: Does it really capture the bittersweet taste of youth?

Fried chicken and a hugely popular high school baseball series is a surprise collaboration we never saw coming.

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McDonald’s Japan brings out a new chicken burger with rice buns

Fried chicken sandwich, Japanese-style.

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McDonald’s teams up with Touch manga for burgers that capture the bittersweet taste of youth

Hugely popular high school baseball series adds some spice to the chain’s chicken burgers in Japan.

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Thousands Protest McDonald’s Online Speech Policy by Tweeting: “The Chicken Tatsuta is Delicious!”

A few days before, the news broke regarding McDonald’s Japan releasing a memo which outlined new speech restrictions for their employees on social media.  Many believe these new rules are an effort to stem worker’s complaints over the new “Enjoy! 60 Second Service” promotion.

After the memo was released, McDonald’s crew members and Japanese netizens took to Twitter and 2channel to voice their opinion about the controversial new restrictions, and everyone’s unanimous opinion was this:

“The Chicken Tatsuta is delicious! It’s my favorite burger!”

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