What should you use table salt for at a sushi restaurant? We asked a kaitenzushi maniac

It turns out there’s a number of things you can put salt on, besides french fries!

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Shichimi Togarashi Beer takes Japan’s famous spice mix to a whole new level

Edo-period creator could never have predicted this new development.

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Spice things up at the dinner table with these kabe-don salt and pepper shakers【Pics】

Now you can feel the passion of cheesy romances every time you sit down for a meal!

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“Powder Soy Sauce” is so much more than its name suggests【Taste test】

We try out this revolutionary condiment that could change the way everyone eats sushi, sashimi, or anything really.

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Furikake rice toppings gaining popularity in US, but are Americans doing it wrong?

Until recently, rice-loving Americans looking to add a little zing to their favorite grain would need to trek out to the nearest Asian grocery store to pick up a pack of furikake rice topping. But now, according to Japanese media, the toppings are gaining traction on the US west coast and is becoming more widely available.

Furikake consists of a mish-mash of ingredients that have been dried and powdered and, in Japan, is intended specifically and only to be sprinkled atop a steaming hot bowl of sticky Japanese rice; which explains why many Japanese people are reacting with shock at how the Americans are choosing to deploy the condiment.

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