public baths

Indulge in this sumo, public bath-themed room during your next stay in Tokyo’s Harajuku district

“Dosukoi” is the next iteration of themed travel accommodations being offered by the fun and inventive Moshi Moshi Rooms.

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Japanese sento bath will let you bathe with 10,000 Sanrio Gudetamas【Video】

Sanrio’s weirdly adorable lazy egg wants to have a soak with you and his 9,999 doppelgangers.

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Sapporo police arrest 50-year-old man for entering women’s public bath

Suspect tells officers “I’m a woman.”

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Do Japanese women check out each other’s lingerie at the hot springs? Survey investigates

Japan’s shared baths also mean shared changing rooms, so do women also take in the view of bras and panties?

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Need a soak? Amazing interactive map lists every public bath and day-use hot spring in Tokyo

Whether you’re a backpacker looking to clean yourself up or just want to experience this aspect of traditional Japanese culture, hundreds of options are at your fingertips.

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English hot spring manners poster is so thorough, even Japanese people are learning from it

With the invention of indoor plumbing and bathtubs (not really news to anyone, we’d hope), the traditional public bath houses and hot springs of Japan are now used for relaxing getaways more than actual hygienic necessity. Heck, even capybara soak in hot springs to relax!

Hot springs, known as onsen in Japanese, are also becoming popular with foreign visitors, at least those brave enough to bare it all in front of strangers. For health and safety reasons, there are quite a few rules to pay attention to when soaking in a public bath. A very nicely designed etiquette poster, which recently surfaced on TripAdvisor, is very thorough and is even teaching Japanese people a thing or two about the bathing experience!

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