60-year-old Japanese laundromat owner fights panty thief half his age, almost gets run over【Vid】

Thief tells owner what he’s doing in “none of your concern,” but brave senior disagrees.

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Japan’s combination laundromats/ice cream parlors are the combo we never knew we needed, until now

Hokkaido chain knows how to make laundry day the sweetest day of the week.

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Hokkaido man found naked in laundromat in middle of the night

The Emperor’s Birthday new clothes.

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In Japan the gates to Hell are disguised as a laundromat, and four other freaky coin-laundry finds

Why go to a haunted house for Halloween when you can go to a Japanese laundromat?

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Coin laundries in Japan are now more popular than ever, but what makes them so good?

If you’re used to using a dryer when you do laundry in your home country, you might be in for a surprise if you ever move to Japan. Despite the country’s numerous technological advancements to make your life easier, clothes dryers here pale in comparison to many overseas models, and they aren’t something you’ll find in your average Japanese household. Instead, most Japanese people prefer to hang their washing outside to air dry.

Sure it’s a more affordable and ecological way of doing things, but what do you do when the rainy and typhoon seasons make drying clothes outside impossible or you have too much laundry to hang outside all at once? It’s time for a trip to the laundromat, or what Japanese like to call a koin randorii (coin laundry).  In fact, they’re becoming so popular that over the past 10 years the number of coin laundries across Japan has almost doubled, despite little growth in the laundromat industry world-wide.

But why is the coin laundry business suddenly booming? We decided to find out!

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