luxury food

We eat an Italian-inspired lobster curry…at a cheap curry chain!

It felt like eating like a king. 

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We make meat-stuffed matsutake mushrooms and learn something important about luxury food

A bargain deal on expensive ingredients makes our reporter think twice about her ideas of cooking. 

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Can we pick out the expensive Japanese grapes in a blind taste test?

Luxury fruit goes head-to-head with a supermarket bunch.

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Can we pick out the expensive Japanese watermelon in a blind taste test?

Taste isn’t the only determining factor for expensive fruit in Japan.

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The “Trump Burger” – Japan ushers in America’s new president with a 5,800-yen meaty extravagance

It’s gonna be huuuge.

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The Taste of Luxury in a Can: Japanese Canned Food Worth Your 100 Yen

Consider the following scenario: you’re having a chat with a friend about some of the high quality foods on the market out there. You mention some of the more refined dishes you’ve tried first hand and how, as much as you’d like to eat them day after day, doing so would undoubtedly leave a large hole in your wallet. If your friend responded by saying, “I have a product just for you. It’s got the high class factor, is easy on the finances, and is packed into a small can.”, I’m sure you’d think he’d lost the plot a little.

Inaba and other Japanese food companies beg to differ, and have developed a new set of canned food products that turn the notion that cheap ≠ quality on its head. 

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