meguro gajoen

Japanese temari woven balls appear as limited-edition chocolates for Valentine’s Day

These sweets are so delicate and time-consuming to make that only five sets will be produced each day.

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We celebrate “Toilet Day” in Japan with a visit to a public toilet worth 100 million yen

With lavishly decorated gold-painted ceilings, a flowing brook and a Japanese style bridge, this is one of the most stylish places to do your business in Japan.

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Awash in the lights and colors of traditional Japan at Meguro Gajoen’s brilliant summer event

The second year of this event at the famous Meguro Gajoen in Tokyo promises to be even better than last year!

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Meguro Gajoen, a traditional event space in Tokyo and its stairway of 100 steps

Meguro Gajoen is one of the tangible properties of Tokyo, established in 1931 originally as a venue for wedding banquets. Now all that remains of the original architecture is a series of rooms connected by the “stairway of 100 steps“. In 2009 these rooms were classified as one of the cultural assets of Japan.

We recently visited the establishment to get a look at the traditional party rooms for ourselves, since they were open to the public for a very short window of time and we figured this would be our only chance. We were even permitted to take photos, so come and join us for a guided tour!

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