mizu shingen mochi

New Japanese Kit Kat features flavour of traditional shingen mochi dessert

If you love the Japanese raindrop water cake that’s been taking the world by storm, you’ll love this new Kit Kat variety.

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The Japanese water cake returns to the Twitterverse …. in cat form!

Remember the irresistibly jiggly-looking water cake we reported on two years ago? Well, someone just got creative and made a totally adorable version of it!

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Playing with water: Japanese Twitter user shares how to create jiggly water jelly!

Remember those mizu shingen mochi water cakes that we got all excited about last summer? Well, a recent tweet showing how you can create something that at least looks very much like the fleeting, gone-in-30-minutes cakes offered by the Kinseiken shop in Yamanashi Prefecture has been making the rounds on the Japanese Twitterverse.

If you want to try having a bit of fun playing with water, all you apparently need, besides the water of course, is two ingredients you can get at a drug store!

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We travel to Yamanashi to try the water cake that disappears in 30 minutes!【Taste Test】

You may recall that we introduced a very unique and delicate cake in one of our articles earlier this month — the mizu shingen mochi, which looks like a huge drop of water magically suspended in solid form. Seeing how the cake seemed to have received a good deal of attention from Japanese internet users and readers of our English site as well, we decided we needed to try the cake ourselves, and promptly sent one of our Japanese reporters to the shop in Yamanashi Prefecture where they served the surreal-looking mizu shingen mochi. So, how did the “water cake” actually look and taste?

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This amazing water cake just may be the most delicate sweet ever created!

Readers of our site may be well aware that we’re very much fond of tasty sweets, and luckily for us, desserts come in all shapes and sizes. But we honestly have to say the beautiful cake in the picture above is like nothing we’ve ever seen before! This unique piece of cake is actually so fleeting that it will literally cease to exist in its intended form within 30 minutes of being presented, so this is clearly a case where you won’t want to leave the best for last. But what exactly is this cake that looks like a transparent version of Dragon Quest’s slime?

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