Cat-ear eye drops take Japan’s obsession with felines to a whole new level

Best-selling Japanese eye drop brand adds three cool cats to their range.

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Protect your eyes with moon prism power with limited edition Sailor Moon eye drops

Collaborative eye drops from Rohto will enchant you with the magic of Sailor Moon!

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Rohto to release eye drops containing sesame oil, netizens ask “why not Tabasco sauce?”

On 21 November, Japanese pharmaceutical company Rohto announced they will be releasing a line of eye drops which promise 60 percent the viscosity of regular drops. To retain the eyes tears and keep them moist longer, Rohto uses a combination of hyaluronic acid, chondroitin, and sesame oil.

That last ingredient in particular, which is generally used in Asian cooking for its notably bold taste, has caught the attention of netizens in Japan drawing comments such as “My eyes! My eyes!”

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