Japanese sesame oil brand heats up their PR with love drama starring hot, fragrant, oily boys

Our lovestruck heroine is caught between two gorgeous men whose sweat smells exactly like Kadoya’s sesame oil.

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Our male otaku tries Japan’s anime heroine mascara, learns what it’s like to be shojo manga star

So that’s the reason that keeps happening in shojo anime and manga!

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Japanese TV compares kissing, bathing, and slapping scenes in manga for girls vs. boys【Pics】

This may help explain why men and women never understand each other….

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Father of shojo manga hosts yearly one-man exhibit with new and classic artwork【Images】

In 1957, Macoto Takashi revolutionized the manga world. Now, the 81-year-old artist continues to produce astounding art and shares it in an annual one-man exhibit.

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Beautiful manga-style festival poster is drawn by the person you would least expect

This lovely and feminine poster was made for the Sakura Jidai Festival, also known as the Festival of the Ages. While it is certainly beautiful, it’s garnering attention online because it was created by an 81-year-old man.

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Hide your kids, hide your wallet: Next cute shojo girls franchise is making its way through Japan

Japan has been very successful at drawing in fans worldwide with the likes of Sailor Moon, Pokémon, Dragon Ball and more, be it through the anime and manga series, trading cards, or video games (or all of the above). While not as successful on the international market, PreCure has definitely made huge waves among elementary school girls in recent years, but now a new contender is making its way into the spotlight.

Publisher Takara Tomy has released a new arcade game and related animated series last year entitled PriPara, which is short for Prism Paradise, and it seems to be the next big thing to seize the minds of little girls all over Japan (and subsequently the money of their parents).

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