Cats: Tricking us hoomans since, well, forever.

Felines can be tricky little buggers, as we’re all well aware. Unlike their canine cousins, even if you shower cats with love and affection, they’re likely to turn up their noses at dinner and snub your attempts to get a fluffy hug after a long day at work. But for some reason, they’re able to manipulate us humans into coming back again and again for more hairballs, dead mice, and litterbox messes!

In fact, it turns out that we’re so infatuated with cats that we’re even fooled into thinking that regular objects are cats when they’re actually not. For instance, take this Twitter user who was puzzled as to why the cat pictured below didn’t flee or give a response when he whistled…only to feel like an idiot once he got closer realized that it was actually a tree stump:

Another unwary victim fell into a similar trap:

You probably didn’t know you needed this collection of such “Hey, that’s not a cat!” moments, but perhaps you can learn a thing or two so that you don’t fall for the same mistakes as the following people!

▼ Cat, or cleaning tool?

▼ Really now, the chances of finding a cat on the way to the station are much higher than those of finding an abandoned afro…

▼ Tricky earmuffs!

▼ What a cute little…slipper?!

▼ This user made kitty noises only to discover a large scrubbing brush.

▼ Someone lost part of their fur coat…but not a cat.

▼ That incredibly catlike shape is actually a rock.

▼ Funny how trash bags are looking more and more catlike these days.

▼ Another one!

▼ The next two stains must be signs from our feline overlords.

▼ Excuse me, but isn’t your broccoli looking a little furry today?

▼ Don’t mix up cats with half-eaten rice balls! (What an onigiri’s doing on the roof must be a whole other story…)

▼ Is that just an incredibly well-timed picture of flames, or did you set your cat on fire??

▼ Cats even pop up in your hot chocolate.

▼ Didn’t you guess there would be one in the clouds?

▼ In all fairness to the person tweeting this picture, this dog must be having some major identity issues.

▼ Nope, it’s actually a tanuki (raccoon dog)!

▼ There’s some funny monkey business going on here…

Finally, let’s end with an exciting discovery made by someone on a plane who looked down and happened to see a land mass shaped like nothing other than a fat cat:

It’s actually an uninhabited island called Kannonejima, which is part of the Tokara island archipelago in Kagoshima Prefecture. That has got to be some divine intervention, if nothing is!

Source: Naver Matome
Top image: Twitter/@k_a_obukuro