Japan has plenty of awesome Kit Kats, but we just ate what might be the craziest one of all.

When you’re feeling the heat and craving some sweets, ice cream is the obvious choice. But while Japan has tons of delicious frozen dairy options, if you’ve come all the way here, you might find yourself wanting to try some of the country’s fabled Japan-exclusive Kit Kats, and thankfully there’s one that you can eat on even the hottest, most humid day without fear of getting melted chocolate on your fingers.

The Iced Kit Kat Chocolatory sounds like a tempting yet simple treat. Going just by its name, you might assume it’s just a regular Kit Kat tossed into a freezer before serving, but actually it’s a Kit Kat dessert that’s chilled by having liquid nitrogen poured over it.

As you may recall, Kit Kat offered something similar last summer at a ten-day pop-up store in Tokyo’s Daikanyama neighborhood. This time, though, the liquid nitrogen Kit Kat is available across town at the cafe on the second floor of the standing Kit Kat Chocolatory specialty store in Ginza, which just reopened on July 25 following a renovation, so we stopped by to enjoy it for ourselves.

At 1,296 yen (US$11.70), the Iced Kit Kat Chocolatory will set you back quite a bit more than an ordinary box of the chocolate wafers from the convenience store. That extra cost comes with extra class, though, as the dessert is served in an elegant glass. It’s even brought to your table by two servers, the second of whom is equipped with long gloves and carries a pan of liquid nitrogen, which is poured over the Kit Kats at your table, as shown in the video below.

Once the mists cleared, we saw that inside the glass were two Moleson Kit Kats, topped with nuts and dried fruit, along with a matcha green tea monaka wafer. But as much as wanted to immediately start eating, the cooling effects of the liquid nitrogen had caused our dessert to bond to the glass, and we had to wait a few moments for the connection to weaken.

Once the icy grip was loosened, we discovered that the refined sweetness of the Moleson Kit Kats are sharpened through chilling, becoming not only more delicious, but refreshing too. Moving on to the third piece of our dessert, we found the matcha monaka was just as satisfying.

The Iced Kit Kat Chocolatory will be available until August 31, meaning that if you’re in Japan this summer you can enjoy both desserts that are sub-zero and ones that are on fire.

Restaurant information
Kit Kat Chocolatory (Ginza branch) / キットカット ショコラトリー 銀座本店
Address: Tokyo-to, Chuo-ku, Ginza 3-7-2
Open 11 a.m.-9 p.m.

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