This cat has some difficulty learning how to drink from the faucet, and it’s too cute to bear!

The account of Twitter user @akihimatandon11 is filled with images of the owner’s beautiful male Scottish fold, Donguri (Don-chan for short). With a billion other adorable kitties on the net, it can be difficult to poke your cute ears above the rest of the pack but Don-chan does it well, with photos uploaded constantly to his Twitter and Instagram, and the cute kitty even has his own merchandise.

But in spite of his inarguable feline franchising know-how, there are some things that Don-chan can’t quite get a grip on. Like drinking water.

Specifically, he has a real problem with drinking that sweet, sweet premium water. You know, the kind that comes right out of the faucet. And the faucet that Don-chan prefers is the kind that spouts water above the toilet (don’t worry, that’s clean water going in to the toilet – it’s a good place to rinse your hands.)

▼ I thought I’d be getting quenched, not drenched!

The video, captioned “Morning Shower”, starts with poor old Don-chan clambering up to get a nice drink of water, but soon realizing that the laws of physics won’t let him stick his head under the faucet while allowing water to go into his mouth. He then sits there, an almost zen expression on his face, as the water runs over him…

And then it clicks! He tilts his head at the end of the video and manages to lap up some water. Hurray!

Don-chan’s many fans were delighted to see his hydration hijinks:

“Oh no, did he get cold?”
“I worry about what happened after this…I’m sure your floor is soaking wet now…”
“This is a whole other side to Don-chan I’ve never seen…”
“Poor guy, his head is sopping wet!”

With his almost human responses and expressive face, it’s no wonder he has his own set of stamps on the LINE messaging service.

He may have gotten the floor damp, but many kitties have gotten into far worse scrapes than a little spilled water. It’s all part of being a cat owner, right?

Source: Twitter/@akihimatandon11 via Hamusoku
Featured image: Twitter/@akihimatandon11