Meet Mamedaifuku, a feline whose freakishly human flexes put bodybuilders to shame.

Who’s your favorite online cat celebrity? Even if you can’t name all of them, you probably have a few you recognize from their viral antics on social media: box-hopping Maru is one example, as is the dearly departed stationmaster cat Tama.

Allow us to present our latest write-in for “cat most likely to take the Internet by storm” — a dappled white cat by the name of Mamedaifuku.

“Wow, he’s finally starting to look like his real self! 👽 Don’t go back to outer space….”

Mamedaifuku, or Omame for short, is a very weird cat at the best of times. His owner @cute_nekosmama is forever comparing him to aliens, or super-villains, or cartoon characters.

However, he went up a level in bizarre antics recently, due to a video his owner took while he desperately tried to claw open her DVD player.

▼ In the video his owner asks, “What are you doing?!” before saying, “Leave the DVD player alone!” (Tweet translation below)

“What am I gonna do with this guy?! 👽
He may be my own baby, but he looks kinda gross here.

Omame is shown getting into mischief, just like most cats do. But unlike most cats, he uses the full strength of his hind legs to do it!

His thighs flex and ripple with powerful muscles as he contorts himself closer to the dreaded DVD player, until his hips, chest and jaws are at completely different angles to each other.

“Is this “‘It?’ No… I think this is a ‘Cat.'”

Her hashtags this time played upon marketing for the Stephen King horror movie: “#ItsAllOverOnceYouSeeIt” “#IfYouSeeCatItsAlsoOver” “#WeirdGroomingStyleToo” “#IsThisAJoJoReference

▼ The Internet promptly lost its mind.

▼ Omame’s bulging leg muscles have been flexing their way through the Internet, and even made it on TV! (Translation below)

“I tried recording the broadcast on my phone, as I was sure plenty of people would miss it as it aired. Unfortunately the sound didn’t record very well and so all you can hear is my mom laughing (LOL)
My whole family enjoyed the broadcast very much!✨ Thanks a lot✨”

In the TV broadcast the hosts marvel at Omame’s musculature and bring up a slideshow of his history. Omame was abandoned shortly after being born, and thankfully was rescued by @cute_nekosmama. He grew into an extremely friendly cat who loves humans, and is incredibly good at mimicking their stances and poses!

You see, this DVD player assault isn’t the first time Omame made a smash hit online. He’s actually quite famous for his ability to stand up on his hind legs at will, and is the star of various memes made by his owner.

“Two years ago, Omame stood up! 👽

“Duplication technique! 👽👽👽👽👽👽👽❕❕

“Omame is multiplying👽

Of course, Omame isn’t the only buff cat out there in Japanese Twitter! Make sure you witness the awe-inspiring physical feats of feline gymnast Miruko and the admirable physique of this cat someone spotted staring out of a window.

Source: Twitter/@cute_nekosmama via Hachima Kiko
Featured image: Twitter/@SKS2316

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