Come on, Slime! We’re going for a walk.

For more than 30 years, the Dragon Quest Slime has been leading the vanguard against would-be heroes, filling the role of the first enemy players encounter in the video game series’ many installments. But it’s far too weak to pose any real threat, and its adorable looks have made it a beloved mascot for the series, which swaps out its human protagonists for a new cast in each sequel.

So great is the love for the Slime that publisher Square Enix has a whole lineup of themed merchandise, including Slime teapots, Slime salt and pepper shakers, and for the truly hardcore fan, a full-scale 30-centimeter (11.8-inch) tall Slime figure.

As a man of refined tastes, Japanese Twitter user Mori Michi (@moritsuu) is a proud owner of the figure. But where do you display such a large Slime statuary salute? After giving it some thought, Michi decided that the most appropriate place would be the same as where the Slime is found in the games: in random locations in the outside world.

“I got swept up in the excitement and bought the life-size Slime,” Mori tweets, “but the only way for me to use it is to set it by the side of the road.” Of course, not just any road will do, as Dragon Quest is a fantasy role-playing series, and so Michi took his Slime and went in search of surroundings that exude ye olde atmosphere.

▼ “Slime is so cute. Slime. I want to make you my pet.”

Michi’s Slime strolls have enthralled other Dragon Quest fans, who’ve left comments such as:

“A Slime draws near!”
“The Slime is looking at you like it wants to join your party.”
“Your Slime is so beautiful.”
“As expected from Square Enix, the craftsmanship looks great.”
“I like how the Slime looks like it’s just chilling in these photos.”

If you’re interested in going on a Slime photo side quest yourself, the full-size figure is available here through the Square Enix online shop for 6,600 yen (US$62). And if you’re planning to wear a mask while you’re out snapping pics, something like this would be a good choice.

Source: Twitter/@moritsuu via IT Media
Top image: Twitter/@moritsuu
Insert images: Square Enix e-store, Twitter/@moritsuu (1, 2)
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