Purple potatoes, pumpkins and caramels abound in Krispy Kreme’s tasty monster harvest.

Summer is receding into the horizon and fall is drifting into the limelight, replete with golden-red leaves, chilly evenings, and a persistent smell of pumpkin spice. As the temperatures begin to cool, stores begin to tout seasonal sweets to boost everyone’s moods and herald the arrival of the harvest season. Krispy Kreme has wowed us over the years with their commitment to timely treats, so we were over the harvest moon when Krispy Kreme Japan sent us two of their Halloween Dozen boxes to taste test before they go on sale!

▼ Mouth watering, commence!

The Halloween Dozen contains two original glazed donuts and one chocolate sprinkle donut to pair with the three “Monster Harvest” themed donuts, specially crafted into Halloween shapes and formulated with tantalizing fall flavors.

▼ A collection of adorable, spooky sweets.

We already know how sumptuous Krispy Kreme’s classic offerings are, so let’s get stuck into the limited time donuts. First up is the 248-yen (US$2.28)  Pumpkin x Jack O Lantern, a donut topped with a foundation of orange pumpkin-flavor chocolate with a lantern-esque face etched out in chocolate.

Sink your teeth into its grinning visage and you’ll encounter a hidden reservoir of creamy, Japanese pumpkin-flavored filling.

▼ The pumpkin creme caramel really makes this lantern donut shine.

The pumpkin even has a single pumpkin seed placed atop its head to stand in for its stalk, and the donut itself is fluffy and soft. A perfect snack for a fall evening!

Next in the line-up is the Caramel x Black Cat, priced at 250 yen and coated in dark chocolate.

Caramel is dotted in the cat’s facial features, and additional caramel is contained within its cakey insides. The rich caramel filling pairs beautifully with the dark chocolate coating, providing a mature flavor profile. Adding to the charm of this cute chocolate kitty is how its face is sculpted with cheese crackers forming its pointy ears, crunchy almond chunks for freckles, and raised sections for its eyes and nose. Plenty of textures to please your palate!

Last in the line-up is the Muchi Mochi Purple Potato Montblanc, priced at 240 yen plus tax. This ring donut is baked with a new kind of dough, iced with a purple potato extract, and topped with diced sweet potato. The whole donut is dusted with powdered sugar and biting into it reveals a soft, chewy texture that you’ll want to savor.

You can pick up your own Monster Harvest from Krispy Kreme outlets across Japan between September 16 and November 1. The donuts are offered individually or as part of the Halloween Dozen, but we can’t help but recommend the latter — it nets you some spooky packaging to house your goodies in.

▼ A set of 12 (two each of the Monster Harvest donuts, two glazed, two Chocolate Sprinkles) costs 2,000 yen.

If you aren’t up for a full twelve donuts, you can always just buy one box of six for 1,150 yen. It’s the perfect pick-me-up to get you in the Halloween spirit, and we know you’ll fall in love with the range of flavors just as much as we did!

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