New store is just as magical as the exclusive goods inside it. 

When it comes to filmmaking, Studio Ghibli is all about high levels of quality and perfection, and it’s the same when it comes to their collaborations. For their latest collaboration, though, the quality is on a whole other level, whisking fans off to the world of Spirited Away with a new collection from luxury Spanish brand Loewe.

To celebrate the release of the new range — their second tie-up, following the January 2021 Loewe x My Neighbour Totoro collection — a magical new store has popped up for a very limited time in Tokyo’s trendy Harajuku district.

The collection is all about “fusing exquisite craft with kaleidoscopic fantasy“, and that concept is reflected at the pop-up store, which is lit with hanging lanterns to look just like the fantasy world in the film.

The interior of the store also takes visitors on a journey into the world of Ghibli, with more lanterns, the iconic bridge, and a model of the train from the film, where models posed in items from the collection at the pre-opening event on 6 January.

A lot of thought has gone into the marketing for the special collaboration, with this video below showing some of the must-have items from the range.

▼ At the end, it’s as if No Face himself is saying “Loewe”.

Unfortunately, this luxury collaboration is one a lot of us can’t afford, but it doesn’t cost us anything to take a wistful look at the range! So let’s check out some of the stand-out items, along with their eye-watering price tags, starting with the handbags.

Chihiro Amazona 28 Bag (531,300 yen [US$4,606.76])

No Face Hammock Bag Small (358,500 yen)

Soot Sprite Puzzle Bag Mini (311,300 yen)

Lantern Bag (245,300 yen)

Puzzle Bag (442,200 yen)

Soot Sprite Flamenco Clutch Mini (256,300 yen)

Soot Sprite Bag (344,300 yen)

Chihiro Hammock Bag Small (368,500 yen)

Boh Mouse Drawstring Hammock Bag Mini (270,600 yen)

There are 26 bags in total, and they’re all absolutely gorgeous — and incredibly expensive. However, for many fans, the star of the entire collection is hiding away in the clothing section, where you’ll find…

▼ This amazing No Face Biker Jacket (765,600 yen)

There are also a number of gorgeous tops to be found as well, like the Boh Mouse Intarsia Sweater (265,100 yen)


▼ The Boh Mouse High Neck Sweater (203,500 yen)

▼ The Soot Sprite High Neck Sweater Wool 249,700 yen

▼ These T-shirts (77,000 yen each)

▼ And the Chihiro Shirt (218,900 yen)

There are 16 wallets and small pouches and accessories, including:

▼ A No Face Card Holder (46,200 yen)…

▼ …and a Soot Sprite Compact Zip Wallet (96,800 yen)

Rounding off the collection, we have accessories like scarves, beanies, and even a case for Airpods.

Soot Sprite Beanie Hat (33,000 yen)

Soot Sprite Airpods Pro Case (69,300 yen)

For those looking to wear their love of Ghibli on their feet, how about a pair of Soot Sprite sneakers for 123,200 yen?

There are so many amazing items to discover in the collection, so hop on over to the official site to find out more about what’s available. While the pop-up store in Harajuku is only open until 16 January, other Loewe locations will be selling the special range, and decked out in Spirited Away fanfare, for a little longer.

▼ Studio Ghibli shared this photo of the Loewe store at Omotesando

▼ …and this location at Hankyu Umeda in Osaka.

If you’re fortunate enough to have hundreds of thousands of yen to play with, you’ll be able to turn heads on the street with these limited-edition Spirited Away fashions that very few will own.

The rest of us, however, will have to make do with these No Face lanterns and items like this Spirited Away baseball jacket, which now look incredibly affordable!

Store information
Unknown Harajuku / アンノン原宿
Address: Tokyo-to, Shibuya-ku, Jingumae 6-5-10

Source: Loewe Japan via Otakomu
Featured image: Instagram/unknownharajuku Loewe Japan
Insert images: Press release, Loewe Japan (1, 2, 3, 4)

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