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Uniqlo opens its first Furugi Project secondhand clothing pop-up shop in Tokyo

We buy clothes at Japan’s only Uniqlo location specializing in reused and remade clothing.

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Studio Ghibli’s Howl’s Moving Castle x Loewe collection is as magical as the anime movie

You’ll need deep pockets to add this anime flair to your wardrobe, though.

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Hikaru Utada releasing vinyl version of all albums, pop-up store opening in Shibuya

Nightly Hikaru Mix DJ events to stream online.

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Spirited Away x Loewe pop-up store in Harajuku whisks visitors away to the world of Studio Ghibli

New store is just as magical as the exclusive goods inside it. 

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Final Fantasy XIV x Isetan collection includes moogle soap, job bracelets, and crystal candy

Square Enix MMORPG collaborates with Tokyo department store and international brands for fashion and food items.

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Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts designer shop to open in Osaka for a limited time!

You can take home the magic of Hogwarts with you right from Osaka.

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Rumi Rock’s line of edgy yukata is in pop-up shops, just in time for the summer festival season

We’re guessing that this is the only place where you can find a yukata featuring a Loch Ness Monster design!

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Gudetama stops by Hong Kong with a pop-up store and irresistibly cute displays【Photos】

Have you ever felt like you were going to melt into a puddle because of the summer heat? Some months it just feels as if the weather is simply draining every ounce of energy and motivation out of you. And with how hot and humid summers are in Japan, there are days feel like doing nothing but lazing around in a puddle, just like Gudetama.

Everyone has lazy days, so it’s no wonder Gudetama, the laziest egg in Japan, is so popular, even outside of Japan. Though Gudetama rarely displays any intention to get anything done, it has managed to move its lazy bum all the way to Hong Kong to delight overseas fans with a pop-up store. More details after the break!

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Champagne, macarons and Pikachu? Paris plays host to Europe’s first Pokémon Center

The Pokémon video games may have been created in Japan, but there is no lack of Pokémon fandom in the rest of the world from redesigning sports logos to pokéball engagement rings. And to showcase France’s Pokémon love, a pop-up Pokémon Center has opened up in Paris this month featuring original art, limited edition goods and even a special pokémon sent directly to your Nintendo 3DS.

Unlike Japan’s eight Pokémon Centers, which usually focus on the series’ merchandise, the highlight of this pop-up show is the Pokémon gallery where you can sip champagne, munch on Pikachu macarons and appreciate the amazing artwork, including some amateur fan art. Click below to take a peek inside the “Pokégallery” and find out which Pokémon is France’s favorite!

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