What, like anyone would be able to resist giving this guy a few belly pats?

Latte art is the sort of thing you generally assume is going to be a 2-D creation. A talented artist, though, can bring that vision into 3-D space if the foam is frothy enough, and Japanese Twitter user @RunaPocket is a very talented artist.

One of her latest creations, 3-D latte art of lovably lazy Pokémon Slowpoke, is so adorable that any fan would be severely tempted to give the guy a few belly pats…and amazingly, @RunaPocket’s art is sturdy enough that that’s actually an option!

“Boing boing,” she tweets, providing narration for the sound effects we’ve all been hearing in our heads as we watch the video over and over. Commenters have reacted with:

“As a Slowpoke fan, this fills me with happiness.”
“You’ve perfectly captured his chubby physique and dopey smile.”
“I want to pat his tummy too!”
“Watching this is like animal-assisted therapy for me.”

This isn’t @RunaPocket’s only latte art with amazing structural integrity, either, nor is it her only homage to a beloved Nintendo-published video game series. Her most recent jaw-dropper is a Super Mario Boo, which transforms from fierce to timid, just like in the games!

▼ Or maybe it’s Metamon disguising itself as a Boo?

Even @RunaPocket’s self-promotions are adorable, such as a kitty that really can smash that follow button

…just like a lot of @RunaPocket’s new human fans are doing these days.

Source, images: Twitter/@RunaPocket
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