Little Kirby car cake is a big reason to stop by the new sweets shops in Tokyo and Osaka.

For a video game character who’s whole thing is that he can, and does, eat everything, Kirby has proven remarkably committed to making sure his fans get fed too. Not only is there a permanent sit-down Kirby Cafe, later this month a brand-new Kirby takeout dessert shop chain is opening, with one branch each in Tokyo and Osaka.

We first heard about it last month, which is also when we learned that it’ll be called Kirby Cafe Petit. The menu, though is surprisingly big, as has now been revealed in a second official announcement that shows off the treats, and merch, that’ll be available when the takeout shops open.

Starting things off is the Petit Mouthful Mode Car Cake (1,188 yen [US$9.10]), a compact-car version of the most popular item on the full-size Kirby Cafe menu, which recreates the character’s new shape-shifting absorption power from Kirby and the Forgotten Land.

The Kirby Strawberry Pudding (950 yen), on the other hand, more closely resembles Kirby’s standard circular physique, with pink custard pudding and strawberry gelée at the bottom of the jar, which is graced by Kirby’s face.

Meanwhile it’s Kirby’s butt, and Waddle Dee’s, that are waiting, in candy form, after diving in to the Pupupu Tiramisu (1,566 yen), which also includes the mug the dessert comes in.

If tarts are your thing, the Kirby Cafe Petit has a Maxim Tomato one with strawberries, chocolate, and a macaron, an Invincible Candy Tart with meringue and banana flavors, and a Star Rod Mango Tart, where the magical item made out of chocolate (all three priced at 842 yen each).

The ”Looks Almost Like Cheesecake Star Block” (788 yen) is a lesson in understatement, as it actually is a cheesecake made to look convincly like part of the Kirby games’ scenery…

…and the Pink Shortcake that Kirby Put a Strawberry On (788 yen), which doesn’t have much connection to the games beyond sharing its color with the pink protagonist, but still looks very tasty.

Rounding off the menu are the Star Rod Apple Pie (734 yen), with apple and custard cream inside its caramelized crust…

…and last, the Bread That Looks Like a Warp Star (1,296 yen), an eye-catching loaf of bread that gets full points for accuracy in its naming and seems to be exclusive to the Tokyo branch.

The announcement photos also show the entire lineup displayed on an afternoon tea-style tiered tray set, but seeing as how the Kirby Cafe Petit is takeout-only, this is an arrangement you’ll have to do yourself once you get home.

In addition to food, the Kirby Cafe Petit will also, naturally, have a merch corner, where you can get cafe-themed plushies of Kirby and Waddle Dee, who are also available as mascot straps (2,530 yen for plushies, 1,980 yen for straps).

And last, if you want an edible memento of your visit to the Kirby Cafe Petit, or a souvenir to help alleviate the debilitating sadness/raging jealousy of friends who couldn’t go along, the tins of langues de chat or cookies are good choices, as are the jars of hard candy (1,296 yen for the langues de chat, 2,160 yen for the cookies, and 972 yen per jar of candies).

The Tokyo Kirby Cafe Petit, in the Character Street section of Tokyo Station (accessible without buying a train ticket), opens April 13, while the Osaka branch, inside the Tennoji Mio complex, opens on April 26.

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Source, images: PR Times
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