Instant Ramen for a Different Kind of Dog-Lover

Next time you pick up a package of instant ramen, you may want to look extra closely at the label. A media outlet in Hong Kong recently reported that a type of instant ramen containing dog meat has been growing in popularity. Read More

Get a serious load of cute – this furry little McDonald’s fan has found the purrr-fect toy!

All of you cat-lovers out there, this is something you won’t want to miss! We’ve found a darned cute YouTube video that has captured the hearts of countless cat-loving internet viewers. The video shows a cat making a toy out of an unexpected object – a Mcdonald’s paper bag! Read More

Is There a Tiny Person Inside That Bird?! Pet Myna Abe-chan Impresses With His Conversational Skills

In the bird world, the undisputed masters of mimicry are the myna. You may even have seen them on TV from time to time copying human voices with eerie precision, but you’ve probably never seen one quite as adorable as Abe-chan, a pet myna cum YouTube star.
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Take Your Relationship With Your iPhone To Strange New Levels With Bandai’s Smartpet App and Robot Dog Body

They say that dog is man’s best friend. However, as the number of smartphone users continues to grow that title may soon be challenged, especially if you consider Bandai’s newest iPhone development, Smartpet.

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Our Top 3 Most Delicious Dog Foods…as Tasted by a Human

Every dog lover wants to ensure their canine companion stays healthy and strong, and this means putting them on the right diet. But with so many different kinds of dog food on the market, it may be difficult for owners to choose one that agrees with their dog’s physiology and palate.

We asked our resident dog-loving reporter, Yoshio, for his advice to fellow dog-owners on how to pick the best chow for their best friends.

“Small-breed dog food has a milder flavor than large-breed food, making it tastier and easy to eat. Similar to blue cheese, dog foods with a strong aroma are preferred by aficionados like myself, though laymen are often put off by the pungent odor,” remarked Yoshio.


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New Shop in Tokyo Offers 16 Kinds of Whale Meat and Hopes You Don’t Attack Them For It

The Ameyoko block of Tokyo is a comprised of a busy market street lined with quaint little shops selling various foods, cosmetics and knick-knacks like clocks.  You can expect to find just about anything in Ameyoko, which makes it the perfect location for Geinanhonbo, a whale-meat specialty shop, to open its newest branch.

At Geinanhonbo you can choose from 16 different cuts of whale meat from a giant fridge that takes up most of the shop space.  Red meat cuts are relatively cheap, costing 380 yen per 100g (US$1.32/oz), but more expensive parts like the tail or jaw can run up to 2,800 yen per 100g ($9.84/oz).  The store offers “almost every edible part of the whale” including the heart, which costs about as much as the red meat.

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BREAKING NEWS: If You Wear a Dog Costume While Walking a Dog, it Looks Like the Dog is Walking You

The image you see above has become the meme of the day for the Japanese internet, who have concluded from it that if you wear a dog costume while walking a dog, it looks like the dog is walking you. In Soviet Russia.

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Bidet-Using Japanese Cat Years Ahead in Feline Hygiene

Come on rest-of-the world, we really think it’s time for you to embrace the washlete—you know, that bidet function common in Japanese toilets that sprays water and cleans important parts with the push of a button.

Really, once your go washlet, you never go back. We personally couldn’t imagine a world without the washlet. Even our cats use the washlete.

That’s right, our cats know how to keep potty time clean and proper. Take a look at the video posted below for proof!

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Sea Slug Bears Striking Resemblance To Pikachu, Rightfully Known As ‘Pikachu Sea Slug’ in Japan

Until recently, it was generally believed that the design for Pikachu was based on the mouse.

However, recent Japanese research suggests that Pikachu may have actually been modeled off thecacera pacifica, a species of sea slug found in the Indian and Western Pacific Oceans.

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An Appeal To Potential Pet Owners: 4 Reasons Why You Should Adopt

“To the person who abandoned kittens here: They were all eaten by crows. They’re dead. You killed them. Abandonment is no different than murder.

-From, the person who saw it happen”

Christmas is approaching fast and perhaps you’re thinking of getting your child or loved one a kitten. Or maybe you’ve just moved into a new apartment that allows pets and you’ve decided to get a puppy.

But before you go to the pet store with cash in hand to purchase a furry new family member, we want you to stop and think for a moment.

While we can’t vouch for the situation overseas, here in Japan, pet adoption networks are having their internet message boards filled with more and more abandoned kitten and puppy adoption requests each day.

Moreover, since these animals are currently under the care of protection groups, many of them are relatively comfortable around people and will likely easily adjust to a new home.

Protection groups are obviously invested in the well-being of animals and are thus often more likely than pet shops to provide you with help and advice, even after you’ve take your kitten or puppy home and welcomed it as a new member of your family,

Below, we’ve put together 4 reasons why future pet-owners should consider adoption before purchasing from a store. Read More

A Spa for Crocodiles? Well, They Do Have Pretty Scaly Skin…

A lot of ladies head to the spa for beauty treatments and relaxation, and recently more and more men have been getting in on that action. But the spa industry isn’t stopping there. They’ve begun on the animal kingdom as well.

According to our sources, Australia now boasts a spa for the exclusive use of lady crocodiles.
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Okunoshima Is Up to its Ears in Bunnies

Do you have a penchant for the fluffy and cuddly? Well, good news! It turns out there is a place in Japan that is literally crawling with squee-worthy bunnies. About 300 of them, in fact. They aren’t even fenced in, but are living their adorable little lives running free on an island.

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Snail cream is a natural skin care product made from snail mucous, the liquid they secrete to climb along walls without falling. The medicinal and cosmetic effects of snail mucous on human skin have long been recognized, and snail cream is popular among some women as a miracle cream that works well against wrinkles, acne, stretch marks and other conditions.

Recently, one woman in China was so impressed by the effectiveness of snail cream that she decided to cut the middle man and let living snails spread their mucous around her body directly. However, this romance was short lived: within a week of using the snails, they began to mysteriously die off. Read More

A heartwarming video of two cats embracing each other tightly and falling soundly asleep in the comfort of each others’ arms has sparked jealousy in the hearts of the Japanese Internet masses. Read More

Video Shows Rabbit Born Without Ears In Fukushima

On May 21 a video of a rabbit supposedly born with no ears after the Fukushima nuclear accident was uploaded to YouTube. Though the exact cause remains unclear, many people are speculating that it could be an effect of radiation. Conversely, many also claim that the video is a hoax. Read More

On April 21 the Japanese government declared the 20 km zone around the Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant a no-go zone, forcing volunteer animal rescue groups that had been working in the area to halt their efforts.

Before the no-go zone was enforced the groups had been working to rescue the cats and dogs left behind by their owners who fled after the nuclear crisis broke out. After being denied special permission to enter the area several of the groups appealed to the public to pressure the government into taking action. Read More

Fukushima: (UPDATE) Cattle on Abandoned Ranch Starve to Death, No-Go Zone Leaves Volunteers Helpless

For the latest information on the situation, please check here (May 5th)

In early April we accompanied an animal rescue team formed by several animal protection groups working within the 20 km evacuation zone around the Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant. In our first article, we reported the shocking scene of a ranch where the cattle had been abandoned by their owners who had fled after the outbreak of the crisis.

This time, we’d like to follow up on the report with updated information and unreleased photographs and video from the scene. Read More

Earlier this April we made our way to Fukushima to do some investigative reporting of the current conditions in the five- to ten-kilometer area around the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant.

In part 1 of this story we reported on the efforts of several animal protection groups to rescue dogs left behind by their owners. In this next part we would like to shift the focus to the cats left in the same situation. Read More

Earlier this April we made our way to Fukushima to do some investigative reporting of the current conditions in the five- to ten-kilometer area around the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant.

We traveled with an animal protection group as they visited the town of Namie and the Otaka district of Minamisoma city, both of which fall within the designated 20 km evacuation zone.

While we were there the workers were able to rescue around 20-30 cats and dogs. They were transported to a safer area and placed under the care of volunteers until they could be adopted, or their real owners found.

Yet, despite their best efforts, there are few other groups willing to put their health on the line to rescue these animals, and the shelters are limited in resources and capacity. The grim truth is that some animals will be left behind.

Luckily, there are some people who, unable to forsake these abandoned animals, are staying behind as well. On major Internet forum 2channel, hype is surrounding the post of one such user who continues to live in Namie and look after abandoned pets. Read More

Fukushima: We Follow Special Team Dispatched to Rescue Abandoned Pets (Part 1)

Earlier this April we made our way to Fukushima to do some investigative reporting of the current conditions in the five- to ten-kilometer area around the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant.

Following our last report of abandoned cattle being left to starve, this is the second in a series of articles where we report our findings from our time on the ground in Fukushima.

This time our reporters followed a rescue team formed by several animal protection groups working in the town of Namie, Fukushima who had been requested by residents to save pets left behind by their masters.

Read More

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