Japan’s most popular MSG maker had to battle some nasty rumors 100 years ago

Aji no Moto tasted so good, some people thought there must be some creepy creatures on the ingredient list.

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Elevator button factory tour in Japan knows EXACTLY what kids (and kids at heart) want to do

Buttons are meant to be pressed, right?

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Japanese factory lures new workers with calendar featuring beautiful cosplayer

Cosplaying in factory work clothes and schoolgirl uniforms is all for a good cause.

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Top 10 Japanese factory tours to keep you out of the heat this summer

With many offering free admission, these company and factory observation tours have earned a spot in the top ten according to travel website TripAdvisor.

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Japanese photographer brings out the beauty of airports and factories in gorgeous night images

After the sun sets in Japan, new landscapes emerge, with twinkling lights on land and at sea creating night scenes so stunning a “night view summit” is held every year to rank the best sights around the country.

While cityscapes continually take the top spots year after year, there’s one talented photographer who’s drawing our attention away from the twinkling lights of the city and towards two surprising new locations: factories and airports. While the places might seem ordinary, the images are the most stunning we’ve ever seen.

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