fried noodles

Mega Yakisoba Pan takes Japanese convenience store food to crazy new places

Convenience store chain’s extreme yakisoba bread is even frightening the locals.

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Mint Pepsi for Yakisoba is coming to Japan, and we got to taste it before it goes on sale

Does this new cola really pair well with fried noodles?

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Hungry For Some Singaporean Food? You Can now Enjoy a Taste of Singapore in Central Tokyo!

If you’ve visited Singapore, you may be familiar with the tasty local noodle dish, hokkien mee. Well, now that the Singapore Restaurant and hokkien mee specialty shop “Yac Man” has opened in Omote-Sando, those of you based near Tokyo won’t have to travel all the way to Singapore to get your fix! And since we’re always on the lookout for new and interesting foods, we sent one of our reporters to “Yac Man” to see what hokkien mee is all about.

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