This “mountain bandit” restaurant is one of the coolest places in Japan【Photos】

You won’t get robbed or taken hostage, but you might not ever want to leave.

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Japan travel: Best things to do, eat and see in Iwakuni and Yanai in Yamaguchi Prefecture

Day two of our epic adventure includes an ancient soy sauce factory, pressed sushi, and rabbit-eared samurai helmets.

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Japan’s most popular sake brand runs full-page ad asking people to stop paying so much for it

The goal of advertising is usually to increase sales, but for Dassai a love of sake, and customers, is more important.

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Our reporters Mr. Sato and Yoshio go chasing their youths at a noodle vending machine 【Pictures】

Noodle soup for the soul…served by a machine!

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Ramen, fish, and turtle all on the menu at Japan’s most crazily comprehensive ice cream shop

I scream, you scream, we all scream for…snake-flavored ice cream?

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Round 2 of the ramen ice cream rumble – This time with real ramen! 【Taste test】

Last week, I stopped by the Cup Noodles Museum in Yokohama to try its just-released Cup Noodle Ice Cream, with its chives, shrimp, and all the other fixings of instant ramen. It was definitely an interesting experience, but I did have one complaint, which is that Cup Noodle Ice Cream doesn’t actually have any noodles in it. Technically, it should be called “Cup Noodle Topping Ice Cream.”

Thankfully, it turns out there actually is a place in Japan where you can get ice cream with ramen noodles mixed in. Since I suddenly found myself with the unlikely title of RocketNews24’s resident ramen ice cream expert, I figured it was time to go another round with this unorthodox class of dessert, and to crown a winner in this battle of the ramen ice creams.

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