Sailor Moon lingerie selfies have arrived!

By now we’re sure you’ve heard of the very sexy and yet oh so cute Sailor Moon lingerie sold by Peach John in Japan. The bra and panty combo went on sale on February 19, but as you might expect, were quickly snatched up by fans of the series. But now thanks to these selfies taken by Twitter user, itsuki_akira, we can still imagine what it might have been like to turn into a sexy Sailor Scout (or witness your girlfriend turn into one). Enjoy!

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Models from Shoko Nakagawa and Chiaki’s talent company donned Peach John Sailor Mooninspired intimates in a recent magazine ad campaign.

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Korea’s online shoppers bare all in their product reviews

Ever bought something from an online merchant, only to realize after the product had arrived that it’s not what you expected? In order to minimize the probability of such situations, many online shoppers refer to the comments and reviews written by other shoppers who have bought the item previously. Some enthusiastic reviewers might even attach photographs of the products to provide a more detailed review.

Such shopping reviews with pictures attached are far from are sights on retail websites or online auctions, but Korean shoppers seem to be more enthusiastic and daring with their review photos, some even bordering on the risqué!

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This Disney lingerie will make you feel like a princess

It seems like Japan has all the cool lingerie. That notion popped into our heads the moment we saw Sailor Moon bras and panties. Now we feel it even more with the discovery of Disney princess lingerie with designs inspired by the dresses of Belle, Cinderella, Aurora, and Rapunzel.

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Bras and panties for men – Online retailer in Japan offers men the chance to feel pretty

When we first laid eyes on the following photos, we thought they were part of some kind of elaborate joke, but our Japanese sister site Pouch has it on good authority that one online retailer is now selling bras, panties and even silky nightgowns that, despite looking exactly like something you’d find in a lady’s bedroom drawer, are actually intended for men.

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