Japanese women come out in cosplay to celebrate Maid’s Day in Japan【Photos】

It’s the day in May when maids of all shapes and sizes come out to play.
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School in Tokyo lets students study with cute maids as they learn programming skills

Institution aims to please maid fans and help maids prepare for eventual career changes.

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Looking for a job in Japan? New “Sugoi Kawaii” maid cafe in Akihabara now hiring foreigners!

As long as you fill certain requirements, you too can be a maid in Japan.

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From thigh-revealing outfits to colourful pinafores, there was a lot of humour and sex appeal on display this Maid’s Day.

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Tokyo maid cafe customer drops more than US$4,000 on champagne-fueled bender

If you’re out enjoying the fantasies and frills, don’t forget that they come at a very real price.

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Forget maid cafes! Lift weights and get jacked with cute girls at a MAID GYM instead【Video】

Do you even dust, bro?

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Japanese maid displays awesome sword skills in the snow【Video】

With impressive moves like these, this is one maid you don’t want to double-cross.

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Live with a 3-D virtual servant inside your home with Gatebox, now available for pre-order【Video】

Azumi the holographic robot wants to brush teeth, watch TV, and send cute text messages together with you.

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Japan’s new Nurse Maid Dress combines two playfully iconic looks in one charming outfit 【Photos】

Can’t choose between the two popular motifs? Now you don’t have to.

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Japanese men reveal their least favourite cosplay styles on women

According to this survey, tracksuit gym uniforms aren’t as bad as some more popular cosplay choices.

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Cosplay at the beach with new range of beautiful Japanese maid uniform bikini sets

Now you can go swimming in your maid’s costume this summer.

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Tokyo specialized school’s new department will teach you to be an Akihabara professional

Courses include maid cafe management, idol production, and dojinshi promotion.

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Japanese designer’s Maid School Swimsuit is two cosplay classics in one eye-catching package

There are only so many days in a year, so if you’re busily trying to check each and every costume off the ever-growing list of cosplay staples, it can be hard finding time for them all. But if your schedule is looking pretty tight, you’ll be happy to know there’s a way to double your efficiency, with this new outfit that combines two established cosplay favorites: the school swimsuit and maid uniform, in one innovative piece of swimwear.

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“100 Sizzling Japanese Maids in Action” video is less sexy yet more awesome than it sounds

Japan has a long-standing and highly publicized infatuation with maid outfits. As such, it’s really not much of a surprise that you can find a video on YouTube that bears the English title 100 Sizzling Japanese Maids in Action.

The 100-second video isn’t a contribution to Japan’s highly specialized pornography industry though. Rather, it’s an ad for something altogether less prurient, as its true theme isn’t so much “hot girls” as “hotcakes.” It is, nevertheless, extremely compelling viewing.

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McDonald’s has maids in Taiwan. We’ve got videos here

As an American living in Japan, I often get asked, “Do you miss McDonald’s?” This always strikes me as a strange question, as living near downtown Tokyo puts me in closer proximity to more outlets of the Golden Arches than I ever had growing up in the suburbs of Los Angeles.

Plus, it’s a little hard to get homesick for McDonald’s when you’ve got access to mouth-watering okonomiyaki and sushi joints, not to mention delicious Indian and Chinese restaurants. Being surrounded by the culinary delights of Asia means it takes something pretty special to coax you into a Big Mac run.

McDonald’s cashiers in Taiwan dressing up in frilly pink maid outfits definitely qualifies.

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