Japanese convenience store or Japanese supermarket: Which one is cheaper?

Popular drinks and snacks in Japan really do come with different price tags.

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The anime crush savings plan: Woman explains how to save thousands of dollars, have fun doing it

Having an anime crush usually drains your wallet, but here’s how your 2-D passion can make you richer instead.

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Average savings of Japanese households revealed, netizens reel in shock

Our mothers always told us that it’s not polite to talk about money. And while we usually listen to what our mother’s tell us, this one time we’re going to ignore their advice. Sorry, mom!

But, really, it’s not a big deal, because we’re not talking about our money. Instead, we’re talking about Japanese people’s money–specifically, how much they have saved up on average. And the number might surprise you.

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What’s Behind Some Japanese Men Not Being Able to Save Money? Could it be Their Lifestyle?

Have you ever looked at a guy and thought: “Gee, he looks loaded!  He must make a lot of money!”

It’s often the case that guys like these aren’t as well off as they seem. While they look like they live lavishly, they may not necessarily have the finances to support such a lifestyle.  Japanese website Niconico News recently did a survey inquiring into why guys make some costly lifestyle decisions even if they know they should be trimming the fat. Read More