saving money

Japanese convenience store or Japanese supermarket: Which one is cheaper?

Popular drinks and snacks in Japan really do come with different price tags.

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We prepared our own delicious amberjack sashimi and realized how much money it saved us【Pics】

Achieve your dreams of having a sashimi feast while saving money!

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Cheap Air Seoul ticket allows unlimited flights between Korea and exciting destinations in Japan

At just $250, this golden ticket is a great way to help you save big on travel expenses.

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A brilliant way to save money: Treat your favorite anime character like a stripper

Why spend your cash on anime merch when you can stuff it down your favorite character’s pants instead?
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Top tip for saving money in Japan: visit the supermarket just before closing time

Today we’re going to tell you a super special tip for getting the most out of your local supermarket here in Japan. It’s actually something pretty simple, but that you might not know about if you always go during the day.

You see, you should totally go to the supermarket just before closing time. Why? Because when it gets close to closing time they start to discount their food! 

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