Japan forced to call off first-ever unmanned Moon-landing attempt

I swear, one of these days, OMOTENASHI… Bang, zoom, right to the Moon!

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Family hands in lost wallet, gets surprise Pokémon anime cels in return

Twitter user’s search for the mystery person behind the gift leads them to the original background artist 20 years later.

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Japanese train station returns lost item to customer with a heartwarming message

Rail staff know how bad it feels to lose an item during your travels.

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Love doll funeral service in Japan helps silicone lovers rest in peace

Say sayonara to your love dolls and figurines with the help of a Japanese monk who’s also an AV actress

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Japanese politeness is a myth: One person’s tale strikes a chord with people around the country

There’s one place in particular where Japanese people aren’t just not polite, they’re downright rude.

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New commercial shows people in Japan offending foreigners with their stinky breath【Video】

Survey says one in two foreigners have been bummed out by meeting Japanese people with bad breath.

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Japanese association loses faith in users following non-return of 1,100 free loan umbrellas

Loan services could be set to disappear with organisations now running dangerously low on stock.

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10 incredible tales of kindness on Japanese trains, as told by foreigners

We recently regaled you with Truly Terrifying Japanese Train Stories told to us by foreigners, which included everything from runaway trains to perverts and nuns. Today, we’re going to relate to you foreigners’ stories of unbelievable acts of kindness they’ve experienced on Japan’s trains.

You’ve probably already heard a few stories of Japanese people doing good deeds, like lost property being returned or someone helping out the hapless foreigner who doesn’t speak the language. But Japan’s special brand of kindness goes much deeper than this. You know, things that when you see them they make you think, “Wow, that would never happen in my country!”

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