Tokyo too hot for you? It’s already snowing in Hokkaido, Japan’s northern island【Photos】

Winter wonderland makes a surprise appearance in the middle of August during Japan’s hottest summer ever.

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Monday was the hottest day ever in Japan’s recorded history

Japan’s national and Tokyo temperature records fall on the same day as intense heat wave continues.

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It’s so hot in Japan that people are cooking food in/on their cars【Photos】

Too busy to cook after work? This might be a solution for you.

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This is the best summer in years to visit Japan…if you hate mosquitoes

People aren’t getting bit by the aggravating insects in Japan this summer, those some might say the reason why is something even worse.

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Japanese weather presenter ad-libs through blooper, becomes Internet’s favourite girl 【Video】

Turns out it’s not the first time she’s used her charm to deal with an embarrassing live-to-air blunder.

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Nude photos of Mt. Fuji circulate online as powerful typhoon removes snow from the peak【Photos】

Japan’s tallest mountain loses its icy top covering as storm blows through eastern Japan.

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Passengers evacuate train during typhoon after it gets hit by lightning and fills up with smoke

This video shows what happens inside a train when lightning strikes a carriage.

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Amazing “funnel cloud” appears over the sky in Japan 【Video】

The stunning natural phenomenon looks more like an otherworldly dragon as it’s filmed slowly retreating up to the sky.

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Crazy-huge hail chunks pound Tokyo as “guerrilla rain” hits the capital【Videos, photos】

Summer may be the rainy season, but hail like this is freaky even for Japan.

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W.T.F. Japan: Top 5 odd ways Japanese people beat the summer heat【Weird Top Five】

Try some of these out the next time you need to cool off.

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Photographs of mysterious globe cloud in Japan causing quite a storm online

Perfectly spherical cloud looks like it was lifted straight out of a manga panel.

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Unbelievable photographs of snowflakes from Tokyo’s recent snowstorm taken with iPhones 【Pics】

Japanese Twitter users capture incredibly beautiful snowflake shapes.

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Japanese cats watch weather report every day, but not because they care about the forecast【Vid】

The morning news staple is event television for these cute kitties.

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5 reasons to visit Myanmar during the monsoon season【Photos】

A little rain isn’t going to hurt you. Unless you’re a mogwai, of course…
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The Comiket Cloud: Anime convention’s attendees reportedly creating weather

Several visitors to the doujin anime, game, and manga convention Comiket have reported peculiar clouds generated by the heat and sweat of everyone present.

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What is Teru Teru Bozu? The tragic history behind the Japanese fine weather doll

While many believe the tradition of making the ghost-like doll can be traced back to a bald-headed monk, history suggests it actually began with a small girl.

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10 tweets showing just how crazy snow can make things in Tokyo

As a natural phenomenon loved by many, snow can be pretty cool. Unfortunately, in Tokyo, it’s often more like a wet, cold monster that ruins everything!

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Japan’s magic umbrellas reveal cute patterns in the rain

September in Japan is the bridge between summer and autumn, with warm humid days mixed in with cool nights and passing typhoons dumping some of the year’s highest amounts of rainfall around the country.

With the rain set to continue, umbrella sales are in full swing at the moment, and some of the best ones here are simply magic. They won’t send you flying through the air like Mary Poppins, but they will reveal hidden secrets when the rain begins to fall!

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It’s a Beach Day miracle as even landlocked Japan swears it can smell the sea

Japan may have an image as an all-work and no-play sort of place, but you’ve got to give the country credit for coming up with Umi no Hi. Observed on the third Monday of July, Umi no Hi literally means “Ocean Day,” but “Marine Day” and “Beach Day” would also be acceptable translations. It’s a national holiday expressly created to give everyone a day off to go have fun at the beach, and it just might be the greatest socially accepted reason ever for blowing off work.

This year, Japan got so into the spirit of the holiday that even people in prefectures with no coastline swore they could smell the sea. But was this just a summery olfactory hallucination, or a legitimate Umi no Hi miracle?

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“Needlessly cool” Evangelion-esque typhoon forecast from Taiwan amuses Net

If you’ve seen a weather report in the last couple of days, you probably know that the Pacific is currently chock-a-block with typhoons. Across Asia, people are watching the forecasts to see whether a monster storm is going to come swirling their way, and the news stations are doing their best to give them up-to-date and easy-to-understand information.

In Taiwan, the Next TV presentation led one viewer to wonder if the graphics team weren’t perhaps Evangelion fans.

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