Mickey Mouse was caught on camera giving a die-hard Disney fan such an intense smooch that she toppled backwards!

Disneyland and Disney Sea are some of the most wholesome places on Earth, with rides and costumed characters sure to bring joy to every Disney fan worth their salt.

Disney fan @Disneyarisu2 has her heart set on one particular character in the Disney repertoire: the most iconic fellow in the line-up, Mickey Mouse himself. Her Twitter is covered in shots of Mickey, and many of them are snaps from the numerous times she’s gone to meet him in person.

One recent trip to visit her fictional obsession ended with a surprise that knocked her off her feet – literally.

“My feet fell out from under me. I was left totally speechless.
First he knelt down and held my hands before kissing them, then gave me a kiss for a long, long, long, WAY too long time. I lost the ability to defy gravity.”

In the video, a cast member is recording the meeting and calling out cute comments (as theme park cast members tend to do). “Oh, he’s making the shape of your ears!” she calls. @Disneyarisu2 is dressed head to toe as Minnie, complete with spotted dress and a headband with mouse ears. “He really loves Minnie!” she explains as Mickey kneels and kisses the guest’s hands.

But then Mickey goes in for the Hollywood smooch (which is really more like him pressing his nose against the girl’s face). “Oh my God,” squeaks the cast member, “he’s taking ages! Wow!”

Once Mickey pulls away everything happens in a flurry. The girl swoons backwards like she’s a cartoon herself, and then crashes into the floor.

“Oh no! Ma’am, are you okay? She fell right on her butt…Yikes!” The cast member calls, as Mickey runs over to her in a panic. “Wait, I guess I shouldn’t say that.”

After both the cast member and Mickey himself ensure @Disneyarisu2 is alright, they recouple to finish the video. The cast member comments as the video ends, “This is the first time I ever saw someone actually fall over here!”

In the comments to the thread there’s another treat to be found: the same incident but from another perspective.

“Here you are! From another angle (LOL)”

@Disneyarisu2 replies, “Oh my God, the intense sobbing!” to which the poster says “Yeah, that was me. Sorry!”

In general the commenters seemed delighted with the little incident, especially as @Disneyarisu2 wasn’t hurt in the slightest and Mickey seemed suitably apologetic. Several were especially ecstatic to hear that you could pass your phone to cast members to get them to film your meeting, which sounds like a bit of park trivia worthy of our own Daiichiro Tashiro.

Still, we wish @Disneyarisu2 the best after her exciting celebrity meeting, though she should probably keep an eye out for Minnie herself if she gets jealous.

Source: Twitter/@Disneyarisu2 via My Game News Flash
Featured image: Twitter/@Disneyarisu2