The wait is over, and the capsule toy feline fashions are now being modeled by Japan’s cats.

Here at SoraNews24, we understand that you, loyal reader, lead a busy life. Much like us, your last few month were probably a blur of activity as you destroyed Metal Gear, spruced yourself up at a by-otaku-for-otaku salon, and ate idol singer hair-flavored fried chicken.

With such a packed schedule, though, it can be easy for important dates to slip through the cracks, and so we’re here with an important reminder: you can now buy Pokémon cosplay hoods for your cat!

Just a few days ago, capsule toy/gachapon maker Kitan Club’s newest lineup of Kawaii Kawaii Neko no Kaburimono (Cute Cute Cat Hoods) went on sale (after being announced in the fall). The brand has previously produced hoods that let your kitty cosplay as a bunny rabbit or fluffy sheep, but in the company’s first-ever tie-up with the Pokémon franchise, you can now go beyond the bounds of real-world zoology by dressing your pet as a proud Pocket Monster species.

Obviously Pikachu is part of the collection, but there’s also rising star Eevee (with the unusual blue eyes shown in Kitan Club’s original announcement now corrected to their canon black)…

…sleepy Snorlax

…innocent-looking Jigglypuff, who will convince you to forgive whatever mischief its wearer has gotten into…

Meowth, who by nature of being a cat himself gives you double the feline fun…

…and Vulpix, who you can use as a litmus test to gauge how much of a fan visitors to your home are depending on whether or not they can name the species.

With the hoods now on sale, owners have been sharing snapshots of their pets modeling their new fashions, with Kitan Club itself getting the ball rolling.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, the “cat” hoods work for similarly sized dogs as well.

Kitan Club is even offering an extra-special limited-edition Pikachu hood to the three best photos shared on Twitter.

To enter, all you have to do is tweet a photo of your pet wearing one of the six capsule toy hoods with the hashtags 「#ねこのかぶりものポケモン写真コンテスト」「#ポケモンペット」 (which translate to “Cat Hood Pokémon Photo Contest” and “Pokémon Pet”). Competition for the prizes is likely to be fierce, but the real winners are all the rest of us who get to see the adorable photos.

Source: Kitan Club
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