A whole new way to eat katsu: Cold katsu soba【Taste test】

We’ve never met a pork cutlet we didn’t love, but will that streak continue?

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Could you eat 50 beef cutlet refill pieces? If so, this Japanese restaurant will let you eat for free

We take on the 50 Challenge of Kyoto gyukatsu chain Katsugyu.

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Would you eat a pig-shaped fried pork cutlet?

Japan is known around the world for its immaculately presented cuisine. So when this photo appeared on Twitter a couple of days ago, people were instantly shocked and confused.

Could this be a new dish from a little-known restaurant out in the deep reaches of the countryside? Or could it be a hoax; the result of some fiddling on Photoshop to add a pig’s head and trotters to an everyday piece of fried pork cutlet?

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