Sumo wrestlers stage group escape from dormitory over disagreements with master’s wife

With stablemaster in poor health and out of the picture, new rules were put in place, prompting escape to karaoke box.

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Bento shop staff punished part-timer by piercing her nose, cutting all hair off, and more

Attackers’ twisted, violent tendencies have resulted in third arrest in as many months.

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Giri obligation chocolates seen as power harassment, more Japanese companies ban practice

Survey results indicate that Japan’s Valentine’s Day custom of giri choco may soon become a thing of the past. 

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Sexual harassment poster from Japanese government draws criticism for seemingly taking men’s side

Unless you read all the way to the bottom, the poster might look like it’s sending the wrong message.

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Is the wedding bouquet toss a form of harassment? Some Japanese women say “Yes”

The criticism of the bouquet toss has led many Japanese brides and grooms to omit it from their receptions entirely.

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NHK bill collector arrested for kissing woman on the job: “I thought we were hitting it off!”

Add sexual assault to the list of reasons to dread the NHK collector.

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Controversial pick-up artist breaks silence as campaign against him continues

Recently, we’ve been bringing you updates on controversial pick-up artist and dating coach Julien Blanc who has attracted anger around the world for purportedly purveying aggressive attitudes towards women. After a video was posted online of him appearing to harass women in Japan by pushing their heads towards his crotch, several campaigns were set up against him by activists in America, Australia, Britain, and Japan. These campaigns have so far been successful in helping to raise awareness of the “pick-up seminars” hosted by Blanc through his company RSD (Real Social Dynamics). Now, Blanc has broken his silence to offer an apology to those he has offended, which campaigners have rejected for its seemingly disingenuous nature.

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Rowr! This anti-power harassment poster is too sexy for its own good

If there’s anything Fifty Shades of Grey has taught us, it’s that SM isn’t quite as underground as some might think. Of course, it’s also showed us what bad writing looks like, but mostly it’s the SM thing. Whether this mainstreaming of SM will prove to be a fad like Kabalah in Hollywood, or a long-term change, is still unclear, but there’s no doubting that a lot more people have come to appreciate a bit of domination in their lives.

Of course, just because you like domination in your personal life doesn’t mean you necessarily want it from your boss, Secretary and Be My Slave notwithstanding. In fact, “power harassment” has become a bit of a hot topic in Japan, along with sexual harassment. It’s gotten enough attention to warrant a public education campaign, complete with posters for the workplace. One poster in particular has been getting a lot of attention on Twitter…though not exactly for the reason you might expect.
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‘Power harrassment’ in Japan’s police force blamed for officer’s suicide

An investigation into the suicide of a police officer in a Tokyo police station has found that harassment from a superior contributed to his death. While the chief is now facing disciplinary action, it has again highlighted the problem of abuses of authority in Japanese workplaces, also known as ‘power harassment’, or pawahara in Japanese.

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How not to build client relationships: Barber in Japan steals kisses from towel-blinded client

Getting your hair cut can be a traumatic experience, but as a paying customer you would expect at least to be safe in your barber’s professional hands. Sadly, that has not always proved to be the case.

On 17 September, suspect Satoshi Okubo (40) was arrested on a charge of harassment by Hyogo Prefectural Police in Takarazuka city, Japan—for kissing a female customer at his barbershop. Okubo admits to the charge.

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