iwate prefecture

Pokémon and Iwate team up to elect Geodude as the tourism ambassador to the prefecture!

It even has a theme song and a bizarre costume.

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This tiny island you can walk to is a perfect snapshot of why Japan is an amazing place to travel

This beautiful detour, hidden in plain sight, serves as a beautiful example of how Japan always rewards explorers.

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Iwate Prefecture’s recruitment poster for the Japan Self-Defence Force is kind of confusing

The Japan Self-Defence Forces are the unified military forces of Japan, established after the Second World War. Recruits are tasked with maintaining the security of the nation and, occasionally, with international peacekeeping for the UN.

Recently, however, this recruitment poster for the JSDF in Iwate Prefecture has been raising netizens’ eyebrows online for, well, a number of reasons, but they might not be what you were expecting…

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