No Face

Kindergarten student scares classmates by dressing up as No Face from Spirited Away for Halloween

The little girl’s love for the mysterious anime spirit is so adorable fans have turned her into a hilarious Internet meme.

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Spirited Away’s No Face tries racing across intersection in Japan, but doesn’t quite make it…

The “real-life” version of the Ghibli character has people splitting their sides online.

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No-Face has apparently moved to Aomori and taken up playing tsugaru-jamisen on the street

Famed Ghibli character apparently couldn’t cut it making movies, seems to have resorted to busking to get by.

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“Supercute cooking” expert Yuki teaches us how to make Spirited Away’s “No-Face” yakisoba

So hungry you could devour an entire onsen resort’s worth of food? Time to make some noodles—with a twist!

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